Unending Love/ The Meeting Series 2014 – 2016

Unending Love

A stop motion animation depicting the meeting and merging of two clay forms. They role around on the plain white background creating three different scenes where they mould into new expressions of their joint identity and explore different phases of life together.



The Meeting

Small disks created out of twigs on which origami roses are attached. Each origami rose has writing on it, which is partially concealed through the folding.  The white roses contain handwritten copied texts sent to Clayton-Wolfindale by her husband in the first week after their meeting. The red roses are the texts Clayton-Wolfindale sent. The three together represent their meeting and the new chemistry of coming together during the first week after they met.

the-meeting-white-roses      the-meeting-red-roses      the-meeting-redwhite-roses

Each disk is 30cm x 30cm approximately


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