Clayton-Wolfindale made the decision to never sell original works, stating, “It is like giving a baby away. I miss every painting I have sold. Each painting is like a cross-section of my soul at that moment in time. Often I look at my work and then 10 years later I realise what it was about.“

If you are interested in purchasing a print, postcard, or canvas of a scanned in original original image, contact her through her email and a copy of her portfolio will be sent to you for you to choose from. If you have dropbox this process will be easier.  If you don’t have an email or are not good with technology, we will find a way.  I am happy to meet up with people over coffee with my print copy of my portfolio. (

Post cards

A5 Postcards £5 (£8 for 2, £11 for 3)

Set of 4 or 8 A5 postcards of your choice TBC


A4 Prints  £10 (£15 for 2, £19 for 3)

A3 Prints £15 (£25 for 2, £35 for 3)

Choose your own paper, choose your own size, made to order for a range of budgets, framed or unframed. Price varies based on your decisions.


A range of sizes and images made to your specified size and budget.  Price is based on your choices. I can also produce small wood blocks.


Clayton-Wolfindale may consider loaning her work for an agreed amount of time.  Email to enquire further about this.

Community Art

Clayton-Wolfindale is interested in community art/ arts and health settings and is open to working with charities and organisations to realise community arts projects. Through her work in the education department at the National Gallery, Tate and Arc, she has developed an interest in working with people with barriers to learning e.g. addiction, learning disabilities, mental health. Email to enquire further about this.


Music from private views coming soon.

A range of other merchandise will be coming soon. (mugs, coasters, cushions etc.)

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