Exhibitions and Sketchbook Work



Looking forward to my next solo show in October.  Proud to be working alongside Annette Butler the Operations Manager at Deptford Lounge.      DL_BW cropped

Deptford Lounge Call out poster


Group show with Studio Upstairs on 21st July.  See below link.  Emma Hope (a different Emma who was a member of Studio Upstairs) sadly passed from this world to the next recently.  This group show is a show in remembrance of her.    Emma RIP.  You were an inspiration.


Nebula Invite

Clayton-Wolfindale is interested in finding out what other people see in the images as  people often see different things to her. Please feel free to write an email about what you see in them (especially the Nebula and Blur series).

Photos of the exhibition are coming up soon hopefully.  Just want to check that the people in the photos are happy for me to put them up here.

This exhibition focused on the Nebula Series which is closely linked in subject matter to the Blur series. Both series focus on distorting light sources and forms in dark places.

Thank you to all of you for supporting me at the exhibition.  And a special thanks to Stu for playing guitar with me. You were amazing.


Wide shot, Julias table and Beck, Chris group*


Two Doors Down – W-hole

Clayton-Wolfindale was invited to exhibit her work in a small local café in Kentish Town, called Two Doors Down. She installed some of her Circles as Lines prints, as well as displaying her ‘The Meeting’ series and installed a small television monitor to display her film, ‘Unending Love’ . At the private view, she organised music, a film screening, poetry reading and a talk about the work.

She worked collaboratively with Café owners Rich and Klara, to produce advertising material about a series of origami workshops that Clayton-Wolfindale delivered alongside the exhibition.

Python Gallery – Duality


Clayton-Wolfindale and Kath O’Conner (a practicing artist and university lecturer at Teesside University) worked collaboratively on an exhibition to raise mental health awareness.

Other Café and Gallery

Clayton-Wolfindale worked on a collaborative exhibition with café owner Guiliano. She installed 10 framed pieces from her ‘Circles and Lines’ work into a small Gallery space in the basement of his unique and quirky café space in Dalston Kingsland, London. There were ten framed prints and her film on a small television monitor.  Clayton-Wolfindale performed a live set of music with her brother at the private view.

Arc – Overwhelmed/ Underwhelmed.

Clayton-Wolfindale curated and installed an exhibition to raise mental health awareness. Sponcered by Mind and Time to change, she displayed six of her framed ‘Circles and Lines’ prints, the ‘Blur’ series, and had a film screening in their theatre, giving a talk about the exhibition and her research into strategies to help manage mental conditions.  She also delivered a programme of print-making workshops along side the exhibition.


Sketch Book Work


The Dancer, ink on A1 white paper



Etching on A2 black paper



Pastel on A2 white paper


Life Drawing


A2, acrylic on brown sugar paper



A2, pen on white paper



A2, pen on white paper



A2, pen on white paper



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